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Pavlo, Andrew; Paulson, Erik; Rasin, Alexander; Abadi, Daniel J.; DeWitt, David J.; Madden, Samuel; Stonebraker, Michael
A comparison of approaches to large-scale data analysis
2009 Oct09
Brantner, Matthias; Florescu†, Daniela; Graf, David; Kossmann, Donald; Kraska, Tim
Building a database on S3
2008 Oct09
Thusoo, Ashish; Sarma, Joydeep Sen; Jain, Namit; Shao, Zheng; Chakka, Prasad; Anthony, Suresh; Liu, Hao; Wyckoff, Pete; Murthy, Raghotham
Hive - A Warehousing Solution Over a Map-Reduce Framework
2009 Oct09
Borthakur, Dhruba
HDFS Architecture
2008 Oct09
Logothetis, Dionysios; Yocum, Kenneth
Ad-hoc data processing in the cloud
2008 Oct09
Buyya, Rajkumar; Yeo, Chee Shin; Venugopal, Srikumar; Broberg, James; Brandic, Ivona
Cloud computing and emerging IT platforms: Vision, hype, and reality for delivering computing as the 5th utility
2008 Oct09
Broberg, James; Buyya, Rajkumar; Tari, Zahir
MetaCDN: Harnessing 'Storage Clouds' for high performance content delivery
2009 Oct09
Yang, Hung-chih; Dasdan, Ali; Hsiao, Ruey-Lung; Parker, D. Stott
Map-reduce-merge: simplified relational data processing on large clusters
2007 Oct09
Pientka, Frank
Wie passen Dokumente und Datenbanken zusammen? CouchDB als komfortable REST-basierte Datenbankalterative
2009 Nov09
Khetrapal, Ankur; Ganesh, Vinay
HBase and Hypertable for large scale distributed storage systems
2008 Nov09
Rao, Anty; Zhang, Schubert
HBase-0.20.0 Performance Evaluation
2009 Nov09
Siebeck, Robert G.; Janner, Till; Schroth, Christoph; Hoyer, Volker; Worndl, Wolfgang; Urmetzer, Florian
Cloud-based Enterprise Mashup Integration Services for B2B Scenarios
2009 Nov09
Vaquero, Luis M.; Rodero-Merino, Luis; Caceres, Juan; Lindner, Maik
A break in the clouds: towards a cloud definition
2008 Nov09
Stonebraker, Michael; Abadi, Daniel; DeWitt, David J.; Madden, Sam; Paulson, Erik; Pavlo, Andrew; Rasin, Alexander
MapReduce and parallel DBMSs: friends or foes?
2010 Jan10

Hive User Meeting August 2009 Facebook
2009 Jan10
Lu, Jiaheng
Introduction to cloud computing
2009 Jan10
White, Tom; Gray, Jonathan; Stack, Michael
Hadoop: The Definitive Guide MapReduce for the Cloud - MapReduce for the Cloud
2009 Jan10
Abadi, Daniel J.
Column-stores for wide and sparse data
2007 Jan10
Abadi, Daniel J.; Madden, Samuel R.; Hachem, Nabil
Column-Stores vs. Row-Stores: How different are they really?
2008 Jan10
Chaiken, R; Jenkins, B; Larson, PŅ; Ramsey, B; Shakib, D; Weaver, S; Zhou, J
SCOPE: Easy and Efficient Parallel Processing of Massive Data Sets
2008 Apr10
Warneke, D; Kao, O
Nephele: Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the Cloud
2009 Apr10
Battré, D; Ewen, S; Hueske, F; Kao, O; Markl, V; Warneke, D
Nephele/PACTs: A Programming Model and Execution Framework for Web-Scale Analytical Processing
2010 Apr10
Vernica, Rares; Carey, Michael J.; Li, Chen
Efficient Parallel Set-Similarity Joins Using MapReduce
2010 Apr10
Kraska, Tim; Hentschel, Martin; Alonso, Gustavo; Kossmann, Donald
Consistency Rationing in the Cloud: Pay only when it matters
2009 Apr10
Lomet, D; Fekete, A; Weikum, G; Zwilling, M
Unbundling transaction services in the cloud
2009 Apr10