Some sample programs written in DryadLINQ

Yu, Yuan; Isard, Michael; Fetterly, Dennis; Budiu, Mihai; Erlingsson, Ulfar; Gunda, Pradeep Kumar; Currey, Jon; McSherry, Frank; Achan, Kannan; Poulain, Christophe

The goal of this document is to illustrate the use of DryadLINQ parallel computation framework through
a set of examples. For each program we present the essential source code and a brief description. This
document does not describe the installation or configuration of DryadLINQ or the configuration
parameters which can be used to influence the compilation and execution. A non-commercial release of
the DryadLINQ research software is available for download at http://connect.microsoft.com/DryadLINQ.


DryadLINQ: A System for General-Purpose Distributed Data-Parallel Computing Using a High-Level Language

Yu, Y; Isard, M; Fetterly, D; Budiu, M; Erlingon, Ú; Gunda, PK; Currey, J

DryadLINQ is a system and a set of language extensions
that enable a new programming model for large scale dis-
tributed computing. It generalizes previous execution en-
vironments such as SQL, MapReduce, and Dryad in two
ways: by adopting an expressive data model of strongly
typed .NET objects; and by supporting general-purpose
imperative and declarative operations on datasets within
a traditional high-level programming language.
A DryadLINQ program is a sequential program com-
posed of LINQ expressions performing arbitrary side-

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