Cloud Database

Multi-Tenant Databases for Software as a Service: Schema-Mapping Techniques

Aulbach, Stefan; Jacobs Dean, Torsten GrustDean; Kemper, Alfons; Rittinger, Jan

In the implementation of hosted business services, multi-
ple tenants are often consolidated into the same database
to reduce total cost of ownership. Common practice is to
map multiple single-tenant logical schemas in the applica-
tion to one multi-tenant physical schema in the database.
Such mappings are challenging to create because enterprise
applications allow tenants to extend the base schema, e.g.,
for vertical industries or geographic regions. Assuming the
workload stays within bounds, the fundamental limitation
on scalability for this approach is the number of tables the


Deploying Database Appliances in the Cloud

Aboulnaga, Ashraf; Salem, Kenneth; Soror, Ahmed A.; Minhas, Umar Farooq; Kokosielis, Peter; Kamath, Sunil

Cloud computing is an increasingly popular paradigm for accessing computing resources. A popular
class of computing clouds is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds, exemplified by Amazon’s Elastic
Computing Cloud (EC2). In these clouds, users are given access to virtual machines on which they can
install and run arbitrary software, including database systems. Users can also deploy database appli-
ances on these clouds, which are virtual machines with pre-installed pre-configured database systems.

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