Towards a scalable enterprise content analytics platform

Beyer, Kevin; Ercegovac, Vuk; Krishnamurthy, Rajasekar; Raghavan, Sriram; Rao, Jun; Reiss, Frederick; Shekita, Eugene J.; Simmen, David; Tata, Sandeep; Vaithyanathan, Shivakumar; Zhu, Huaiyu

With the tremendous growth in the volume of semi-structured and unstructured content within enterprises
(e.g., email archives, customer support databases, etc.), there is increasing interest in harnessing this
content to power search and business intelligence applications. Traditional enterprise infrastruture
or analytics is geared towards analytics on structured data (in support of OLAP-driven reporting and
analysis) and is not designed to meet the demands of large-scale compute-intensive analytics over semi-

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