Ruminations on Multi-Tenant Databases

Jacobs, Dean; Aulbach, Stefan

Abstract: This is a position paper on multi-tenant databases. As motivation, it first
describes the emerging marketplace of hosted enterprise services and the
importance of using multi-tenancy to handle high traffic volumes at low cost. It
then outlines the main requirements on multi-tenant databases: scale up by
consolidating multiple tenants onto the same server and scale out by providing an
administrative framework that manages a farm of such servers. Finally it describes
three approaches to implementing multi-tenant databases and compares them based


A Comparison of Flexible Schemas for Software as a Service

Aulbach, Stefan; Jacobs, Dean; Kemper, Alfons; Seibold, Michael

A multi-tenant database system for Software as a Service
(SaaS) should offer schemas that are flexible in that they
can be extended for different versions of the application and
dynamically modified while the system is on-line. This pa-
per presents an experimental comparison of five techniques
for implementing flexible schemas for SaaS. In three of these
techniques, the database “owns” the schema in that its struc-
ture is explicitly defined in DDL. Included here is the com-
monly-used mapping where each tenant is given their own
private tables, which we take as the baseline, and a map-

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