Data Warehouse

Hive - A Warehousing Solution Over a Map-Reduce Framework

Thusoo, Ashish; Sarma, Joydeep Sen; Jain, Namit; Shao, Zheng; Chakka, Prasad; Anthony, Suresh; Liu, Hao; Wyckoff, Pete; Murthy, Raghotham

The size of data sets being collected and analyzed in the
industry for business intelligence is growing rapidly, mak-
ing traditional warehousing solutions prohibitively expen-
sive. Hadoop [3] is a popular open-source map-reduce im-
plementation which is being used as an alternative to store
and process extremely large data sets on commodity hard-
ware. However, the map-reduce programming model is very
low level and requires developers to write custom programs
which are hard to maintain and reuse.
In this paper, we present Hive, an open-source data ware-

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